My task as a coach is to suggest new solution focussed views and perspectives quickly. This is possible by combining systemic-analytical specialised knowledge, experience of many years, intuition and creativity. By showing alternatives to previous patterns of behaviour new ways arise which show the road to success.


In my work I use many different methods ( structure board, position inputs, lifeline etc.). They help to develop a precise plan towards a solution within a preconcerted time frame (about one to three hours).


My philosophy and work habits are determined by two existential basic approaches. Firstly, each crisis means a dissolution of congealment. By taking new perspectives emotional dynamics are created. According to experience new internal concepts activate clients' impulses to move to a new attitude concerning their lives and ways of work. Secondly, humour and creativity broaden our spectrum of perception. New and creative solutions develop by irritating usual patterns of thought. That is why humour is one of my most important tools

Guideline 1:

If you are able to understand the positive potential of a crisis, you will find an

unbelievably wide range of possible solutions and you will broaden your personal horizon of acting.


Guideline 2:

Unusual things create new ones.

Or: It is not the coach's job to pet your ego!

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