Ganz im Gegenteil - für Querdenker und solche, die es werden wollen

Matthias Varga von Kibed, Insa Sparrer, ISBN 3896704230

The book with which everything started: Many years ago I accidentally received a small, thin preprint. In the meantime I had the pleasure to meet the authors in person: whitty, literate, hearty, always trying to connect psychological phenomena with mathematical formulae. It clicked - just by reading the book.

Bunte Hunde - mit abseitigen Ideen zum Erfolg

Ryan Mathews, Watts Wacker, ISBN 3203801469

Futurology is presented lively and wittily in this book - and we are given answers to the following question: How do marginal, devious ideas find their ways from no man's land to mainstream? An enriching book for people with untamed ideas!


Das Schwein mit dem Holzbein - was sie schon immer über Wirtschaft wissen wollten und nie zu fragen wagten

P.J.Rourke, ISBN 383230861X

A rock music critic of Rolling Stone Magazine wrote about economy, because he wanted an answer to the following question: Why are some people rich and others are not? Disrespectful humour, superbly written - and by the way you learn a lot about the functioning of economy.


Erfolgreich führen und leiten - das will ich können....

Jürgen Hargens, ISBN 3861452286

The book cover shows a comic strip of Hägar. The leader of the Vikings is asked the following question: " How come that you became the boss?" Hägar's answer: "Persistence, ingenuity and simply bad luck." A humourous book about how to put systemic ideas into practical opportunities.

....und trotzdem Ja zum Leben sagen - ein Psychologe er- und überlebt das Konzentrationslager

Viktor E. Frankl, ISBN 3423301422

I reread this book time and again, because it always awakes me and shows that the human spirit is able to say yes to life even under inhumane circumstances: An example for the good inside the bad!


Freiheit will ich noch erleben - Krakauer Tagebuch

Halina Nelken, ISBN 3883507326

As chairperson Steven Spielberg knew why he had added that book to Survivors of the Shoa. Visual History Foundation. Even as a very young girl Mrs. Nelken had learned to set herself a target, to move towards it without being put off by others.

Die Kunst der Demotivation - Führungsfehlern auf die Schliche kommen

Wolfgang Kollenz, ISBN: 3409190198

Wolfgang Kollenz seems to be an innocent civil servant, but his book is provocative, amusing and entertaining - and additionally I learned a lot about demotivation mistakes but also about ways of motivation.


Video tip: Gardi Hutter: "Die tapfere Hanna", "Auftritt im schweizer Parlament"

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