My diversified qualification as a systemic-analytical coach in combination with nearly 30 years of work experience in the field of conflict of economy and social work (more than 20.000 hours experience in the fields of training and consulting) account for an exceptionally user oriented approach in coaching, training and supervision.


My personal profile of skills:


Courage for unusual solutions

Clarity and structured way of working

Creativity and humour


since January 2018

Marketing Competences

Competentia Private Business School


Januar - Juli 2017


Blue Danube Business School


Juli 2015

Moderation of ABS-groups

pluswert, Graz


Dezember 2014 - Februar 2015

Stressmanagement and Burnoutprevention



14 November 2014

Human rights and media, Amnesty International Vienna


7 November 2014

Asylum law, UNHCR Vienna


17 October - 18 October 2014

Tools and interventions in supervision, ÖVS Graz


December 2013 - February 2014

Diversity and Gender Certificate, bfi Vienna


13 November - 4 December 2013

MOOC´s, ZML Graz


26 April - 28 April 2013

Flaying the kites- Empowering Organizational Development through a systemic perspective- International Infosyon Conference Amsterdam


10 January - 8 February 2013

WLL Online Training Content Strategedy, ZML Graz


08 November - 24 November 2012

Public Relations, bfi Vienna


01 October 2010

e-learning certificate


08 May 2010

From accompanying material to interactve solutions, Medical University of Graz

15 May 2010

Islam, Amnesty International

24 February 2010

e-Learning and Law, Medical University of Graz

01 February - 01 March 2010

Using Moodle, University of applied sciences Oberösterreich Campus Wels

14 December 2009 - 14 January 2010

Moodle basics, Joahnnes Kepler University Linz

2 - 24 November 2009

E-learning and gender, ZML FH Joanneum Graz

since October 2009

Student of philosophy at the University of Klagenfurt, interuniversity institute for interdisciplinary research and further education, IFF, course of lectures on "Lifelong learning" (a.o. Univ. Dipl. Umwelttechnikerin Christine Wächter, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Berger, Univ. Prof. Dr. Werner Lenz) thesis on women in science and technology

25-26 July 2009, Abano Therme, Italy

International infosyon Conference "Coming Together- Sharing Experience" , infosyon - International Forum or Systemic Disposition in Organisations and labour contexts

30 January 2009

First alumna with certificates in 3 areas:
Graduate in adult education with focus on consultancy, management in education and training and teaching/group management/training
WeiterBildungsAkademie, Austria


Training as an author in bib- wiki- cross-organisational knowledge management in education consultancy, Österreichisches Institut für Berufsbildungsforschung

25 November – 16 December 2008

Learning and teaching on Web2.0, FH Joanneum ZML- Innovative Lernszenarien

28-29 November 2008

Refresher- argumentation training against shibboleths, Österreichische Gesellschaft für politische Bildung

17 November 2008

Certification as trainer in adult education by WeiterbildungsAkademie Österreich

15 November 2008

Everyone’s of sexual orientation as a human right, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL

27 October 2008 – 24 November 2008

E-Moderating- Certification course, method by Gilly Salmon, FH Joanneum ZML- Innovative Lernszenarien

16-18 October 2008

Pedagogy in adult education, Die Wiener Volkshochschulen

12 March - 13 March 2008

Culture is political. Intercultural didactics of politics in adult education - Train the Trainer, Austrian society for political education

21 February 2008

practice day Diversity Management; within the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All, ZARA, Vienna

since December 2007

Master of Science (MSc) Coaching

30 May 2007

"Surplus value of equal treatment", Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights, University of Vienna, ZARA, Graz

12 April - 15 May 2007

"Generations Guide - Train the Trainer-Seminar", EQUAL - agepowerment, Wien

December 2006

Solution focused therapy for couples and families, Insoo Kim Berg, Laxenburger Forum

Since December 2006

Master of Science (MSc) in Coaching, Europäische Ausbildungsakademie m.o.c., Laxenburg

September 2005 - July 2006

Sociological Masterclass, University of applied Science St. Pölten

January 2006

Intercultural Communication Eastern Europe, WIFI Wien

October 2005

ManagEUr- Certified European Projectmanager: Exam in Contract Management and Planning (Planning EU Projects), Quality Management (Internal review, External review), E-Working and Team Management (Team Building)

February - August 2005

Marketingmanager, WIFI

November 2004 - Mai 2005

European Academy Graz

February - April 2005

EBDL - European business driving licence

21.01.2005 - 23.01.2005

Prime Training Junior Chamber International (JCI)

November 2003 - December 2004

Intercultural opening, ISOP Graz

25.5.2004- 26.2.2004
Training course "Arguing against shibboleths at regular's table", Informationszentrum Politische Bildung, Wien

18.10.2002 - 13.12.2003
Systemic-analytical coaching - training course for professionals, Europäische Ausbildungsakademie m.o.c., Mödling in co-operation with the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein

22.9.2003 - 26.9.2003
Systemic disposition of organisational structures, Europäische Ausbildungsakademie m.o.c., Mödling in Zusammenarbeit mit FH Kufstein


2.6.2003 - 6.6.2003

Practical training: gender mainstreaming, Sokrates project Grundtvig 3 Frauencomputerzentrum Berlin

Clown training with Gardi Hutter, Kapfeneberg


5.3.2001 - 5.9.2001

Teknowa , Gendertraining, emphasis on approaching engineering and handicraft for women, Nowa, Graz


6.3.1999 - 03.07.1999

Education coordination, Schulungszentrum Fohnsdorf



Systemic coaching, Spezialseminar des Lehrganges für Organisationsentwicklung,ÖAGG, Österreichischer Arbeitskreis für Gruppentherapie und Gruppendynamik, Wien


11.9.1995 - 5.6.1996

Social and employment pedagogy, Institut für Sozial- und Berufspädagogik, Graz

17.9.1993 - 21.9.1994
System focussed supervision and organisation consulting , Institut für systemische Bewusstseinsentwicklung und Supervision, Graz


20.6.1992 - 7.11.1992

Crisis intervention, Institut für systemische Bewusstseinsentwicklung und Supervision, Graz 


31.10.1991 - 11.4.1992

Systemic consulting, Institut für systemische Bewusstseinsentwicklung und Supervision, Graz 


1987 - 1990

Academy for Social Work, Graz

Tutors who gave direction to my work:

Matthias Varga von Kibed und Insa Sparrer, Insoo Kim Berg und Steve de Shazer, Hans Rainer Teutsch, Hannes Brandau, Jürgen Hargens, Heinz Kersting, Helene Huber, Gunther Schmidt, Karl Tomm, Heiko Kleve, Manfred Nowak, Claudia Brandstätter

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